"The house was all lit up, and the lights after the darkness made his eyes feel full, and he said to himself, childishly, as he walked up the drive, Lights, lights, lights and repeated in a dazed way, Lights, lights, lights, as they came into the house staring about him with his face quite stiff."
Virginia Woolf

This volume deals with the topic light. Text passages from Virginia Woolf's "To the Lighthouse / Zum Leuchtturm" (English original and German translation) were blind embossed in bookprinting paper and thus become legible through light and shadow. With 18 color photographs (long exposure time), taken in Las Rotas (Spain) by Ines von Ketelhodt. Because of the long exposures, each photograph constitutes an addition of light and time. Photographs printed in offset. Computer-set and polymer-plates, bookprinting and coated paper, 116 pages, paperboard with blind embossed letters. Oberursel 2001.