"IMAGO, inis, f. (vgl. imitor)
1. Bild, Porträt; 2. occ. Wachsmaske, Ahnenbild; met. 3. Abbild, Ebenbild, Seitenstück; occ. a. Schatten, Bild, Schemen; b. Traumbild; c. Echo; d. Bild, Gleichnis, Metapher; 4. Trugbild, Scheinbild, Schatten, Schein; 5. meton. Anblick, Erscheinung; met. Vorstellung, Einbildung, Gedanke."
Der kleine Stowasser

Every double-page shows a picture and a word. The pictures (cut by hand into masking foil) paraphrase motifs of the fine arts: from early Stone Age drawings to the Modern Art. They are arranged in groups, like plants, animals, women, men and so on. The words are nouns in different languages, they are set in alphabetical order. So the way how a picture is put next to a word came out by chance. A word is not the explanation of its neighbor picture and a picture is not the illustration of its neighbor word. Words were set up with a computer and together with the foils exposed on polymer-plates. They were printed negative black onto original spreads from US comics, so each copy of the edition has its own "comic background". Design and letterpress: Peter Malutzki. 132 pages, linen-over-board cover. Lahnstein 1999.