"I was always a passionate gardener – flowers sparkled in my childhood as they do in a medieval manuscript. I remember daisies – white and red – daisy chains an the lawn, fortresses of grass clippings, and of course the exquisite overgrown garden of Villa Zuassa, by Lake Maggiore, where in April 1946 my parents gave me my first grown-up book: Beautiful Flowers and How to Grow Them."
Derek Jarman’s "Garden"

The volume contains texts and pictures about the vegetable kingdom. As a red (green) thread there are two-hundred-and-seven words ("blühen – Blumgewirk") spread throughout the book.They were taken from Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm’s "Deutsches Wörterbuch" and are printed in alphabetical order. Some of these words are underlined and serve as keywords for corresponding texts in different languages and by several authors. Design, handset and letterpress: Peter Malutzki. Pictures printed with polymer-plates. Different papers (wallpaper, doily-paper), 72 pages, linen-over-board cover. Lahnstein 2000.