However, the egg only got larger and larger, and more and more human: when she had come within a few yards of it, she saw that it had eyes and a nose and mouth; and when she had come close to it, she saw clearly that it was Humpty Dumpty himself. "It can’t be anybody else!" she said to herself. "I’m as certain of it, as if his name were written all over his face!" (…) "And how exactly like an egg he is!" she said aloud, standing with her hands ready to catch him, for she was every moment expecting him to fall. "It’s very provoking," Humpty Dumpty said after a long silence, looking away from Alice as he spoke, "to be called an egg – very!"
Lewis Carroll "Through the Looking-Glass"

Printed onto a background of egg photographs is a text passage from Peter Sloterdijk’s "Sphären. Mikrosphärologie. Band 1: Blasen". Some words of the text are printed in a different color and serve as keywords for corresponding texts (creation myths, literary and scientific texts) from several authors. Photography, handset and letterpress: Ines von Ketelhodt. Photographs printed in offset. Coated paper, 84 pages, printed paperboard. Flörsheim am Main 2006.