"The Chinese Dragon, the lung, is one of the four magic animals. (The others are the unicorn, the phoenix, and the tortoise.) At best the Western Dragon spreads terror; at worst, it is a figure of fun. The lung of Chinese myths, however, is divine and is like an angel that is also a lion."
Jorge Luis Borges "The Chinese Dragon"

The volume contains three different texts about dragons from "Libro de los seres imaginarios" by Jorge Luis Borges (Spanish original, English and German translation) as well as 41 dragon pictures. These pictures were made up with a Macintosh computer and were printed black in letterpress with polymer-plates onto color offset prints. These original picture spreads come from animal books, mainly about sharks and saurians. So each copy varies from the others, as each receives its individual "animal"-background. An extensive glossary explains the used names of dragons. Design, handset and letterpress: Peter Malutzki. Found material, 117 pages, printed linen-over-board cover. Lahnstein 2002.