"Alle Bilder haben Teil an der Wirklichkeit, ich rührte an die Stille der Kontinente. Viele Hände bewegen das Ferne, auch uns, auch in diesem Augenblick. Und unter allen ist das Rieseln des Sandes hörbar, der Ton, wenn das Korn zwischen die Rippen sinkt."
Günter Eich "Eine Seite im Atlas"

The volume deals with the topic map. Background is a pseudo map that usually serves for the purpose to explain what the signs on a map are standing for (this means a river, this a valley and so on). All 39 german terms of the background map are extracted and in alphabetical order printed. First in a kind of index all together, then one term per page. Traced through the gradient lines of the map there were created different heads and printed with original linocuts. Motti by Jorge Luis Borges and Günter Eich. Design, handset and letterpress: Peter Malutzki. 56 pages, bookprinting paper, linen-over-board cover. Lahnstein 1997.